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This site includes demos, screencasts and other eLearning tutorials covering Adobe Captivate 9 and Adobe RoboHelp (2015 Release)

You may also be interested in John Daigle's MayaGlypher.com blog covering a different kind of "technical writing" - that of Maya hieroglyphs!


Show Me the Demo!

Two Adobe RoboHelp Server Webinars this month!

#1 RoboHelp Server 10 – Setup 1-2-3
This coming Thursday, September 01, 2016
7 am Pacific Standard Time (US)
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Central Europe Summer Time (CEST) (UTC+02:00)

for free!

If you are looking to try out RoboHelp Server 10, join me and my colleague, Willam van Weelden in this webinar.

We will show you how you get started with installation and configuration to try out RoboHelp Server. John and Willam will show a live installation of the product and how to start publishing in half an hour of work.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What RoboHelp Server 10 is and what the benefits are
  • How to install RoboHelp Server for testing
  • How to set up an area to publish a project
  • How to publish from RoboHelp (2015 release) to RoboHelp Server 10
  • How to use permissions in RoboHelp Server 10 to secure access to help

#2 "RoboHelp Server 10 – Analytics & Reports"
Thursday, September 22, 2016,
7 am Pacific Standard Time (US)
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Central Europe Summer Time (CEST) (UTC+02:00)

Register for Free!

Powerful new Feedback Analytics with Adobe Robohelp Server 10

Learn about:

  • Tracking and reporting of your users (out of the box)
  • Optimize your content with data tracking.
  • Locate areas where users make repeated requests for information,
  • Find out which search terms are repeated and how users navigate content
  • Gather operating system and browser data.
  • Based on the tracking and reporting data, customize your content to meet user requirements,
  • Find information gaps and improve heading titles.

Deeper Audience Analytics
Now get analytics reports for Responsive HTML5 output as well.
Access usage reports based on browser statistics, topic views, page visits and more.
Feature-level reports for dynamic content filters enable you to personalize content for greater relevance.

About the Presenters

John Daigle

John Daigle is president of Evergreen Online Learning, LLC, based in Evergreen, Colorado. A frequent speaker at national online help conferences, John is an Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate Instructor. He has taught RoboHelp since 1992 and Adobe Captivate since it was introduced. His speaking engagements include the STC Summits in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, WritersUA in Seattle, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Austin, Texas.
John is a member of the Society for Technical Communication (Rocky Mountain Chapter) and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Houston. He began his career in broadcast news as a reporter for the NBC television affiliate in Houston, Texas. He is also a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Metro State University of Denver where he teaches RoboHelp and Captivate for college credit toward a four year degree in Technical Communications.

You can also follow John on Twitter: @hypertexas

Willam van Weelden

Willam van Weelden is technical communicator and Adobe partner from The Netherlands. As consultant, he focuses on mobile support, RoboHelp and automation. He is also part-time employed at Centric in the role of Product Owner of the Enterprise Collaboration Suite, an MS SharePoint based DMS and collaboration platform. Willam has a background in education and philosophy.

Willam is one of the people behind HelpEssentials.com. Together with Jonathan Smith he strives to bring better customisation and automation to the RoboHelp community.

You can also follow Willam on Twitter: @WvWeelden

Adobe RoboHelp (2015 version) released

"There is a new, innovative way to increase findability and personalize end-user content in the new release of Adobe RoboHelp. Dynamic Content Filtering lets authors create content categories (such as Roles, Locations, Products, etc.) that allow the end user to ‘self-select’ the content they want to locate. This personalized content is then delivered in topics, as well as ‘on the fly’ from the Table of Contents, Index and even the Search results." 
John Daigle, Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate Instructor, Evergreen Online Learning, LLC 
New Adobe Captivate 9 Launched


Major New Features and Enhancements from the Adobe Captivate 9

    More Videos here!

    • Adobe Captivate Draft — Convert your ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements such as content and question slides, branching, and more.
    • Enhancements to Responsive — Creating responsive courses is even more powerful with ability to add five breakpoints and many more enhancements.
    • Multi-state objects — Convert objects to multi-state objects to easily create interactive content.
    • Effects and motion paths — Apply motion path effects and transitions to your responsive projects.
    • Asset store — Get free access to a library of 25,000+ exclusive eLearning assets.
    • In-product LMS preview — Directly preview content on SCORM Cloud.
    • iOS device capture — Record your iOS device screen as a full resolution HD video.
    • Knowledge check questions — Add knowledge check questions which do not interfere with the quiz score and LMS reporting.
    • SVG support — Create high-quality responsive courses with vector graphics that scale across devices and sizes with absolutely no loss of quality and edit and roundtrip with Adobe Illustrator.
    • Publish to Adobe Captivate Prime — Directly publish your courses to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.
    • Quiz review buttons — Use Back and Next buttons, that show up just during Quiz review.
    • Geo-location enhancements — Apply project level geo-location action and emulate locations during preview.
    • Delay next action — Delay the next actions or a set of actions by a defined wait time.
    • Actions in PI – Continue action optional — Detach Continue action from the simple actions in Properties Inspector.




Congratulations to my Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate students at Metropolitan University of Denver. They received college credit toward their Tech Comm degree.

Announcing a free Flare to RoboHelp Project Converter

For MadCap Flare™ authors who are upgrading to Adobe® RoboHelp® At WritersUA and STC Summits, folks have asked me if it was possible to convert a MadCap Flare™ project to an Adobe® RoboHelp® 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 project. Now with this converter you can in most cases. It's an easy way to return to the familiar favorite, RoboHelp, or if you just want to migrate to an easy-to-use tool that is powerful, author-friendly and is part of the new Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

To receive the converter

(Please email john@johndaigle.com and I will send it to you directly.)

John Daigle offers onsite and "virtual" instructor-led classes in Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate

Students rave about our training classes! 
Here are verbatim comments from recent classes.

Adobe Certified Training in:

  • Adobe RoboHelp 
  • Adobe Captivate 
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional

For technical writers and instructional designers email John Daigle for special training class dates or arrange for your own onsite custom training.

Now offering virtual classes through

Adobe RoboHelp News
With thousands of authors around the world using RoboHelp in different environments, Adobe constantly gathers feedback in order to improve the way it works. Here are some items that will help you make sure your version of RoboHelp is working smoothly with the latest improvements.

RoboHelp tips and techniques are often contributed by my instructor/author colleagues. Here is a list of those resources:

  • Peter Grainge's site, a comprehensive and well organized source for all things RoboHelp.
  • Rick Stone's RoboWizard site and his popular  "Skinny on Skins" tips.
  • Colum McAndrew's blog - frequently updated with ancedotes and suggestions.
  • Adobe RoboHelp Forums - peer-to-peer resources operating 24/7 with answers from Adobe Community Expert volunteers. (John Daigle, Peter Grainge and Rick Stone)
  • Adobe Technical Communications blog - for current news from product managers and engineering staff on RoboHelp, FrameMaker and the Adobe Technical Communiation Suite.
  • Bob Doyle who publishes the DITA Newsletter, explains the DITA features of Adobe TCS and how Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp are integrated to work with DITA. 
Adobe RoboHelp Resources Adobe Captivate Resources

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