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This site includes demos, screencasts and other eLearning tutorials covering Adobe Captivate 9 and Adobe RoboHelp (2015 Release)

You may also be interested in John Daigle's blog covering a different kind of "technical writing" - that of Maya hieroglyphs!


New launch of Adobe RoboHelp today!

Free Launch Webinar July 15, 2020

Introducing Adobe RoboHelp on a Mac

Create exceptional Help, policy and procedure, and knowledgebase content using RoboHelp, now available on Mac.

Efficient content reuse with cross-references

Efficiently reuse existing content (paragraph, table, images, and so on) from within a topic or across multiple topics using cross-references.

Create future-ready content with micro content authoring

Author modular, information-rich micro content snippets that can be leveraged by search engines, social platforms, in-context help, feature snippets, FAQs, chatbots, and more.

Out-of-the-box chatbot integration

Use micro content to power next-generation voice and text-based chatbot interfaces.

Out-of-the-box translation support

Reach global audiences by leveraging the all-new translation support to export XLIFF files for your content. Simply import the translated content back into RoboHelp. Boost efficiency by translating only modified files as required.

Automated machine translation

Save time and costs by taking advantage of advances in machine learning to auto-translate content within RoboHelp itself.

Next-generation Frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts

Deliver a superior content experience using the new Frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts with intuitive navigation, unique URLs for SEO, and best-in-class search. Easily show or hide widgets such as glossary and TOC.

Multiformat publishing

Instantly publish content to a wide range of popular output formats – Frameless Responsive HTML5, PDF, Microsoft Help (CHM), mobile app, and more.

import of HTML and Markdown files
Enhanced PDF output

Take advantage of new PDF output capabilities. Publish chapter-based printed documentation like a book and have better control over the final output with CSS3.

Out-of-the-box support for Salesforce Knowledge

Leverage out-of-the-box support for publishing Help content to Salesforce Knowledge.

Out-of-the-box support for Zendesk

Leverage out-of-the-box support for the Zendesk platform. Just drag and drop output to the Zendesk publishing dashboard to make content findable for customer support.

Smoother import of HTML and Markdown files

Easily import HTML or Markdown content as HTML topics. This allows you to seamlessly merge and work with API documentation in RoboHelp.

Better accessibility with top navigation bar

Make navigating on devices with various form factors easy with new Frameless HTML5 layouts featuring a navigation bar in the header.

Collaborate using out-of-the-box Online Review

Seamlessly collaborate with reviewers and subject matter experts using a web-based review process. Easily import comments as tracked changes back into a RoboHelp topic or project.

Easily import HTML or Markdown content as HTML topics.

This allows you to seamlessly merge and work with API documentation in RoboHelp.

Dynamic Content Filters

Deliver more relevant and highly personalized content experiences with Dynamic Content Filters. Use conditional tags to enable end users to filter content easily.


Announcing a free Flare to RoboHelp Project Converter

For MadCap Flare™ authors who are upgrading to Adobe® RoboHelp® At WritersUA and STC Summits, folks have asked me if it was possible to convert a MadCap Flare™ project to an Adobe® RoboHelp® project. Now with this converter you can in most cases. It's an easy way to return to the familiar favorite, RoboHelp, or if you just want to migrate to an easy-to-use tool that is powerful, author-friendly and is part of the new Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

To receive the converter (Please email and I will send it to you directly.)

Adobe RoboHelp News
With thousands of authors around the world using RoboHelp in different environments, Adobe constantly gathers feedback in order to improve the way it works. Here are some items that will help you make sure your version of RoboHelp is working smoothly with the latest improvements.

RoboHelp tips and techniques are often contributed by my instructor/author colleagues. Here is a list of those resources:

Adobe RoboHelp Resources Adobe Captivate Resources

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